Are Those 3-Prong Outlets Just Pretending?

New Outlet in Older House

So many homes in Buffalo and the surrounding towns were built in the early part of the 19th century, which brought amazing architecture into the queen city, but at the same time our electric safety standards were in their early days. What is the number one electrical safety problem that I find in almost all of these old homes? By a huge margin, ungrounded 3-prong outlets (AKA receptacles) land on top.

Is My Foundation Failing?

Cinder Block Foundation Wall

Is My Foundation Failing? My home inspection clients here in the Buffalo and Western NY area understandably have heightened senses when it comes to any problems with the major structural systems of their new home, especially when it comes to the foundation.  Major foundation repairs can be very expensive and no one wants to face […]

Summertime Roof Checkups

Roof with Damaged Vent

Summertime Roof Checkups in Western NY Everyone knows that winters are brutal on our roofs here in Western NY, but now that it’s summer (almost) I wanted to report on a few common problems that I often come across when inspecting roofs.  Hamburg and East Aurora are two of areas that I see with the […]