What we found at recent home inspection in Cheektowaga

Alto Home Inspection was recently asked to inspect this home in Cheektowaga, and we wanted to share knowledge about an issue that we found, why it’s a problem and what what we would do about it if were our home.
A rusted HVAC exhaust pipe
We found this problem during an inspection of the home’s furnace and water heater.

We found that a section of the furnace and water heater exhaust duct had rusted to the point that a large hole developed in it. This situation should be immediately corrected, as it allows poisonous exhaust gases to escape into the home. This type of problem is found on a somewhat regular basis during our home inspections, and it should be corrected immediately.

A qualified HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) technician should replace the damaged sections of the pipe. Once the damaged duct sections are replaced, the seams and joints of the pipe should be sealed with fire-resistant duct tape.
Most definitely not! This is an easy situation to correct, and should cost no more than a couple hundred bucks. But, it should certainly be fixed in order to avoid carbon monoxide and other dangerous combustion byproducts from lingering in the home.
This type of rust problem typically develops as a result of condensation forming inside of the exhaust pipes. The best way to stop this from happening again is to eliminate the horizontal section of pipe, and convert it to be as vertical as possible. This would allow gases to more quicker through the piping, reducing the chance of condensation forming. This sort of repair would require modification to the chimney, so a more practical option might be to hold off on changing the chimney and instead to plan on replacing the furnace and water heater with ones with power vents. Definitely don’t run out and do this, but instead replace them when those appliances eventually are replaced. No matter what, make sure that your home is properly equipped with carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, which are designed to alert you to high levels of carbon monoxide.

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Abigail T.8/09/2020

I contacted Brad at Alto Home Inspection for a last-minute inspection, and he was able to make time in his schedule to accommodate the narrow timeframe. Not only was he immensely thorough during the inspection, but he spent the entire time explaining what he was discovering in a way that helped me understand what I could expect if I purchased the home.On top of being a complete professional, he was always a joy to interact with, and the appointment ended with me feeling like someone who strongly cared about my home-buying process had just shared their expertise.I cannot recommend him highly enough and am confident that anyone working with him will have the same stellar experience that I did.

Jessica M.10/12/2020

I would highly recommend Alto. Brad was professional, took his time, and answered all of my questions/ concerns. The inspection report I received was very detailed and nicely laid out. Thanks Brad!

Brian K.12/16/2020

Brad was awesome through the process. He did a pre purchase inspection and a Radon test for us. We live out of the area, and his communication was excellent, and the post inspection report was super detailed, and he went through each part of the report via phone. I would highly recommend Alto to anyone needing an inspection.

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