Moisture & Dampness Investigation Services near Buffalo, NY

Moisture investigation services are an important part of our comprehensive mold testing services in the Buffalo, New York area.  Moisture investigations involve determining the cause of elevated moisture levels in ceilings, walls, floor and basements.

High levels of moisture can lead to mold in a home, which under the right conditions can be dangerous the health of your family.  The goal of a moisture investigation is to identify weaknesses in the roofing, siding, plumbing pipes, drainage and foundation systems of a home.  Most often, we perform a moisture investigation in conjunction with a mold assessment or mold test.  But in some situations, we help homeowners identify sources of dampness before mold growth becomes apparent. 

What's involved in a moisture investigation?



A typical moisture investigation begins by interviewing the homeowner about their concerns, then we generally begin the investigation in the upper level of the home where we inspect the roof walls for evidence of water staining or damage.  Accessing the attic is important if signs point to a roof leak.  

We often use a thermal camera to help locate pooling water in the ceiling or damp walls.  Thermal imagery can be especially valuable in bathrooms, where bathtub and shower enclosure leaks frequently lead to unseen water damage in floors and walls. 

A moisture meter is used to confirm any suspected leaking areas.  This device provides the moisture content of drywall, plaster or other materials, and provides strong evidence that an active leak is present.

Once moisture presence is confirmed, we try to determine the locations and causes of damages to exterior materials or interior plumbing.  

What do you get after the investigation ends?

Since moisture and leak investigations are frequently part of mold assessments or testing, many times the results will be included as part of a mold assessment report.  This report will include not only the results of the investigation, but also the results of any mold testing services, and if mold remediation is required then we also provide a NY state compliant mold assessment report.

On the other hand, if you’ve asked us to determine the cause of a specific water or moisture issue, you’ll get a professional report that reflects our findings. 

How are moisture investigations, mold testing and mold assessments related?

A mold assessment is a document required by New York state if you intend to hire a mold remediator to clean up or remove mold from your home or business.  The purpose of a mold assessment is to prevent unsavory remediation companies from ripping you off.  The assessment document clearly defines the scope of the problem,  defines procedures that they should follow to ensure your family’s safety

Mold testing is a service we provide which involves collecting samples from wall, floor or structural components.  These samples are then sent to a qualified laboratory where they are analyzed to determine if mold is present, and if so what types and relative quantities.  Lab reports are provided to you, including our interpretation of the next steps that you may want to take.

As described above, moisture investigations are typically part of any mold assessment or mold testing work.  The goal of a moisture investigation is to enable you to correct problems that may lead (or have led) to mold growth.


Frequently Asked Questions about Moisture Investigations

It all depends on the size of the home and the specific challenge.  A 2000 square foot house might take 1 1/2 hours.

Most of our clients come to us because they’ve had mold removed from the same area of a house more than once, and they want to find out what the root cause is so that they can correct it.

The number one tool we used is our eyes.  Other important tools include a moisture meter, thermal camera (FLIR model E5), and a hygrometer (measures humidity in the air).

Bradley Beck is a New York licensed home inspector (#16000086028) and certified Mold Assessor (#MA1606).  He understands how the systems of a home work together, and how construction and maintenance problems can lead to serious and expensive problems.

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