Rusty Galvanized Pipes in Hamburg, NY

Alto Home Inspection LLC was recently asked to inspect a home in Hamburg, and we wanted to share our knowledge about an issue that we found, why it's a problem and what we would do if it was my house.

rusted galvanized pipe
We found this problem during an inspection of the home’s plumbing.
Rusted galvanized piping was found in the house..
Unfortunately, galvanized piping is an inferior plumbing material. All galvanized pipe will eventually rust through, requiring replacement. The solution here is to eventually have all galvanized piping replaced with something better, such as PEX or copper.
My general recommendation for Hamburg homebuyers is normally to replace any sections of failed galvanized pipe instead of replacing all of it at once. If this approach is manageable for your financially, then I would say it’s not a deal breaker.
The only solution to keep this from happening is to either not install galvanized pipes to begin with, or to get ahead of the problem and replace all galvanized pipes one section of the house at a time.
Hamburg, NY House

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