Importance of a Quality Home Inspection for Buyers

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When I started Alto Home Inspection, LLC my intention was to provide a high-quality home inspection that is different than many others in Buffalo and Western New York.

When home buyers call and are looking for a pre-purchase home inspection, they often times aren’t aware that not all home inspections are the same.

What makes for a high-quality home inspection?

Full-time home inspectors

Home inspectors that are dedicated to their jobs is important when it comes to focus. Many home inspectors in Buffalo have received their home inspector license as a way to transition to retirement, or they are looking to make extra money outside of their day jobs.

Being a dedicated, full-time home inspector provides focus and expertise that’s important for my clients and is hard to find in part-timers.

Fully-time home inspectors are readily available to perform inspections when you need them, and do not need to juggle schedules with their day jobs.

Home Inspection Report that’s Easy to Read

We like to give our clients an excellent home inspection report of findings regarding the condition of the home that you are about to buy or sell.

Our report is produced with a modern system that allows us to include pictures of nearly every problem in the home that we find.

Home inspection reports that we’ve seen from other inspection companies in Buffalo have been hand-written or use a simple checklist format.

The report that you will get from us uses a “narrative” format that breaks down our observations into three categories – maintenance items, items that should be repaired, and life safety or other dangerous situations.

Observations are explained using English sentences, that include recommendations for how to correct problems and if a plumber, electrician or other trade should be used to repair them.

Your report is will be easy to read on a smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s also easy to print out.

Several home inspection companies in Buffalo actually bring a printer with them into the home that they are inspecting, and print a report right there.

We find that this is not in the best interests of you as the client, and review the report at our office prior to sending it to you. You’ll get it no more than 24 hours after the inspection, but almost always within just a few hours of completing the inspection.

Detailed Home Inspection for Western New York

Our home inspection process is thorough, and includes everything that we can see or access in the home.

Your home inspection will typically start on the outside, and will cover the roof, walls, patios, decks and grounds.

The interior inspection includes plumbing, electrical, attic, basement, structure, insulation, kitchen and bathrooms.

Other areas that we inspect are the garage or outbuilding, windows and doors.

During the inspection, we open windows, test outlets, run water and open doors.

We also climb into attics, crawl into crawlspaces and climb on the roof it is safe to do so. We also use a pole-mounted camera to perform roof inspections, and sometime use binoculars.

You are welcome to ask questions during the inspection, but realize that we want to provide a complete home inspection, so there will be times when we need to focus.

Additional Home Inspection Services

When you are buying or selling a house, sometimes additional inspection services are necessary or helpful.

At Alto Home Inspection, LLC we provide radon testing, mold assessments, and mold testing services for Buffalo and all of Western New York.

Radon testing is used to determine the concentration of radon in the home’s air. High levels of radon cause about 20,000 deaths annually from lung cancer in the United States.

To test for radon gas, we place an electronic device in the home for at least 48 hours, and provide the result to you immediately.

If the level is above 4.0 picoCuries per liter of air, we follow the US EPA’s guidelines and recommend that you install a radon mitigation system.

Mold testing in Buffalo is also a common service requested. Basements and attics commonly develop mold because of water leaks and poor ventilation. If you are planning to have a company remove mold, you’ll need to have a mold assessment report created. We can help with this as well.

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About the Author:

Bradley Beck

Bradley is owner of Alto Home Inspection, LLC.  He lives just south of Orchard Park, in Western New York’s Southtowns, and inspects homes throughout the Buffalo area, and is NY Licensed Home Inspector #16000086029, NY Certified Mold Assessor #MA01313.