Williamsville, NY Resource Guide

Village of Williamsville Welcome Sign
Eternal Flame Falls, Chestnut Ridge Park

Alto Home Inspection LLC is home inspection company near Williamsville, has put together this collection of helpful information for residents and home buyers in Williamsville, NY. 

The Village of Williamsville can be described as a quaint neighborhood to the northeast of Buffalo, and is contained fully within the town of Amherst.  The precise borders of Williamsville are sometimes fluid when it comes to real estate listings and addressses, but technically its population is only about 5,200 people.  

The Village is considered to be one of the “Northtowns”, and people that live here enjoy its quiet nature, closeness to dining and shopping and the architecture of the homes here.  

To commute to the village from downtown Buffalo is a simple 11-mile trip.  This can be an easy 20-minute ride when the roads are dry, but if the white stuff is blowing around then it could take much longer.

Jonas Williams is the namesake of the fine Village of Williamsville.  Jonas actually built the first grist mill in town, and was one of the first settlers.  This mill was located at Glen Falls, and was built way back in 1811!

If you are buying a home, consider the best neighborhoods in Williamsville before settling on one.

Work & Employment Near Williamsville

Williamsville is generally considered to be a “bedroom” community, with most residence driving into Buffalo or nearby Amherst for work.  But Williamsville itself does provide office space and opportunity for employment. 
  •  Wehrle Drive – On Wehrle Drive, between Youngs Road and Transit Road can be found a variety of business big and small, including a major national distributor of I.T. networking and communications gear, a well-known CPA firm, staffing agencies, a national defense contractor and other important businesses.  
  • SUNY Erie County Community College (ECC)– The north campus of ECC has been based in Williamsville since 1960.  It can be found occupying many acres of land, sandwiched between Main Street (Route 5) and Wehrle Drive, and bordered by Youngs Road and Tech Drive on the West and East sides.
  • K-12 Education – Williamsville schools employ approximately 825 teachers, not counting administrative, building-services and technology staff members.

Williamsville Schools are Among the Best

The Williamsville Central School District serves of 40 square miles of the area, which somewhat surprising since this is so much larger than the Village itself. The school district actually supports parts of Amherst, Cheektowaga and Clarence, NY.

The school district traces its roots to 1806, when Didymus Kinney bought the land for the first school in the 18-Mile Creek valley.

Facts about K-12 schools in Orchard Park:

  • More than 9,600 students enrolled in the district
  • According to the Williamsville Central School District’s website, a 12:1 student-teacher ratio
    is maintained. Accordingly, there should be over 800 teachers employed by the district.
  • 6 elementary schools sprinkled throughout the district:
    Country Parkway, Dodge, Forest, Heim, Maple East & Maple West
  • 4 middle schools:
    Casey, Heim, Mill & Transit
  • 3 high schools, named East, North & South

Shopping Opportunities

We think that in terms of size, Williamsville is no match for something like the Walden Galleria, but that’s not what the village is about!  

If you live near Williamsville, like me you would want to shop local.  Keep these options in mind if you are planning to buy a house or otherwise move to town.

  1. Main Street in the Village. – Between S. Union Road to the west, and Hirschfielder Drive you will be able to buy fine jewelry, purchase great women’s attire and interview real estate agents for your upcoming house purchase.  If you are looking for great dining options, both contemporary or traditional then you can choose from a few options also.
  2. “Williamsville Place” – This upscale shopping center can be found on Sheridan Drive and is a great spot to find coffee, pet food, dog toys, great dining and other amenities.
  3. Eastern Hills Mall – Although technically in Harris Hill (a place with nebulous borders, in my humble opinion), Eastern Hills Mall is on Transit Road and offers an amazing 23 acres of retail shopping space.  

How to Keep Busy in the Village of Williamsville

  • Glen Falls – Can be found on Glen Avenue near the Village of Williamsville.  Visting the falls will allow you to catch a glimpse in time to when Jonas Williams founded the first grist mill at the falls.  Make sure to check out Glen Falls – it’s one of Erie County, NY’s treasures.
  • Patriots and Heroes Park – Restaurateur and philanthropist Russell Salvatore created this gem as his way of honoring veterans of the U.S. military.  It is quite the site to see and experience.  
  • Golfing Options – Many residents of Williamsville are in love with the sport of golf.  Unfortunately there are no public golf courses within the village boundaries, but if you are interested and able to make the investment, the Park County Club (located on Sheridan Drive), might be for you.

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