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If you are looking for the best home inspector in Amherst, you already know that Amherst is the largest of the towns or cities near Buffalo.  Its population is over 122,000 people, buying a home in Amherst means that you will have a quick commute to downtown Buffalo or anywhere nearby.  

According to Zillow, as of early 2020 the real estate market in Amherst is “very hot”, with a median house value of $243,000.  

As a licensed home inspector in Amherst, we inspect houses for buyers and sellers 7 days a week.

Many homes in Amherst were built in the 1960’s, and with this age comes concerns about electrical and plumbing systems, many of which were built with materials that are considered sub-optimal by today’s standards.  

Most people who live near Amherst are aware of the “sinking basement” problem, which affected many homes in town that were built on marshland from the 1960s through 1980s.  Most of these issues have been addressed by now, but we pay special attention during the structural portion of our home inspections.  

The Town of Amherst website is your source for building permits and tax concerns.  

Living in Amherst brings with it lots of advantages.  It is home to the University at Buffalo, which is positioned to the north of Maple Road and east of the 990.  

Maple Road is also the location of a large commercial real estate development built by Uniland Development, which hosts several large companies.  Many residents of Amherst both live and work in town. 

How can we help You?

We take our role in the home buying and home ownership experience seriously.  Our expert home inspections are detailed and help, and are intended to provide you with the tools needed to help you negotiate with the seller or to prepare your house for sale.

If you researching home inspectors for an upcoming house purchase, consider a few tips:

  • Make sure your home inspector is insured and licensed
  • Review an example of their home inspection report. Expect the report to be a reflection of the quality of inspection
  • The inspector should be experienced with homes in the village and surrounding towns
  • They should be a full-time inspector, not someone who is not fully committed.
  • Make sure that they have access to the electronic lock boxes used on most listing real estate agents.  

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