Best Neighborhoods in Orchard Park, NY

Eternal Flame Falls, Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, NY

Orchard Park, NY is one of the best areas of Western New York to buy a house.  It’s a green, tree-filled town that straddles the 219 and provides for a great commute to Buffalo, a relaxing environment and plenty of activities to keep yourself and the kiddos busy.  Alto Home Inspection, a home inspector in Orchard Park NY, has assembled this neighborhood guide to help future real estate shoppers understand their options.

Houses in Orchard Park range in ages from 200 years old, to brand-new.  Because of the green space and ample undeveloped forests and fields, new housing developments have been popping up all over town.  If you’re interested in new construction, there’s lots of opportunity for you in O.P.

Top O.P. Neighborhoods to Buy a House

(this list isn’t complete, but includes the most interesting and popular areas)

Birdsong Estates

Birdsong Estates is a luxury development in Orchard Park that is being built by Forbes Capretto Homes.  It’s centered around the corner of Jewett Holmwood and Freeman Roads, The development is adjacent to the Orchard Park County Club, and offers access to hiking trails through wetlands, ponds and an overall luxurious experience.

Birdsong Estates caters to higher-income earners, and is one of the nicest areas to call home in Orchard Park.

Eagle Heights

The Eagle Heights area is a neighborhood that was largely built during the 1970’s, and most houses built then were in the 2500-3000 square foot range.  Recently, big developers in Western NY have bought up nearby land and are actively building out much larger homes.  

The Eagle Heights area is located between Jewett Holmwood Rd., Transit Rd. and Ellicott Rd.  Most of the land in this part of O.P. has been developed already, so consider yourself lucky if you land a home there! 

Living in Eagle Heights means that nearby resources will be within easy reach.

Armor Duells Corners

Armor Duells Road stretches west of the 219, just south of the village of Orchard Park.  Eventually it connects to Hamburg, but not before finding itself the center of an informal development of housing.  Most of this area was farmland and woods prior to the 1960s and ’70s, but today it’s a mix of suburban homes.  They mostly sit closer to the road, making for driveway maintenance an easy chore, although a number of houses in this area are set deep within the woods. 

Braunview Estates

Just north of 20A, to the east of Freeman Rd. you will find Braunview Estates.  This is a nice neighborhood that’s only a couple minutes by car to the Village of Orchard Park.  Many homes in the area were built in the 1980s, but have since been updated with modern and sometimes luxurious amenities.  



The Summit at Scherff

Scherff Road can be found on south-eastern edge of Orchard Park, and offers something that few areas of Western New York can – a view of Buffalo.  

Luxury home developers have seized on this amenity by building spectacular, large homes and that use high-end materials and finishes that make many jealous as they drive by.  

Homes in The Summit at Scherff typically approach 5,000 square feet in size, and as a rule use stone or brick as exterior finishes.

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