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Eternal Flame Falls, Chestnut Ridge Park

Are you looking for one of the best home inspectors in Orchard Park?  The Alto Home Inspection team has family in Orchard Park, provides home inspections here weekly, and visits throughout the week to take advantage of town’s shopping and dining amenities.

Geographically, Orchard Park sits at the edge of Western NY’s suburbia and the dense woods at the south end of the Buffalo-Niagara region.  This positioning provides for amazing outdoor recreation as well activities connected to the village. Here are just a few of the recreation opportunities and other events:

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How to Choose a Home Inspector in Orchard Park

Home inspectors are not all the same, and have different experiences, backgrounds and training. Home inspection reports are not all of the same quality, and believe it or not, some still use pen and paper to write their reports.  Home buyers in Orchard Park are typically looking for a detailed inspection, and a report that reflects the level of investment that you are making in the inspection and the house or multi-family property.

  • Find out what you should expect during the home inspection

  • Ensure that the home inspector you select is licensed and insured

  • Ask to see a copy of a recent home inspection report

  • They should have experience inspecting the type of home that you are under contract to buy, including homes of the same approximate age and type of construction

  • Their business should be built for the long-haul.  Avoid inspectors that are inspecting houses “on the side”

Qualities to Look for in a Home Inspector

You may have been given a list of home inspectors by your real estate agent.  Or perhaps you were referred by a friend to a home inspection company that doesn’t answer your call, email or text message. 

At a basic level, all practicing home inspectors in New York a required by law to be licensed.  The truth is that the state license should be considered a basic qualification and doesn’t really say much about a given home inspection company.  

Regardless if you chose us to inspect your new home, make sure that the inspector that you choose has at least a few of these important qualities:

  1. Their home inspection license is valid and up to date
  2. They test for radon, a dangerous radioactive gas, using modern tools that provide results quickly. 
  3. You are their #1 concern when inspecting your home.  Some home inspectors are more concerned about the realtors perception of them and avoid being specific or detailed in their home inspection report.
  4. The home inspection report that you receive should be detailed, easy to read and full of helpful pictures of problems
  5. That big-money items and safety are at the top of the inspectors concerns
  6. That prior clients of the home inspector are satisfied enough with their inspection, demeanor and report that some of them have left awesome reviews.

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