5 Best Neighborhoods in Williamsville, NY

Village of Williamsville Welcome Sign

If you are planning to move to Buffalo and look for a house to buy, consider house hunting in Williamsville. The village and nearby neighborhoods are close to Downtown Buffalo and the town of Amherst,NY – where 85% of the Western NY’s professional employment can be found.

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According to Neighborhoodscout.com, over half of the homes listed for sale in Williamsville are priced at between $120k and $241k.  This is a very attainable pricepoint for many buyers in Western NY.  In terms of location, accessibility and weather you might get a lot for your dollar.  

Aside from the proximity to Buffalo and Amherst, Williamsville schools are among the best in WNY.  This website ranks them an “A+” in most categories.  

Williamsville is both the village (anchored by Main Street), and several surrounding parts of the town of Amherst.  The village itself can be considered one of the best places in all of the Buffalo area to live, but there are several smaller areas that you might want to consider as you search our busy real estate market for houses.

Where to House Hunt in Williamsville?

(this is a short list of the best places near the village to house hunt)

The Village of Williamsville

The village itself only has a population of about 5,300 residents, but many in this exclusive group live in historical homes that are close to the excellent casual and fine dining options on Main Street.  

The village can be found heading west on 290 from the Thruway, then quickly taking the first exit on your right, and heading north.

The Village Green

The Village Green is generally considered part of Williamsville, although it’s technically in the town of Amherst.  None the less, the Village Green is located between Maple Road, Hopkins Rd, Sheridan Drive and N. Forest Roads.  

This part of Williamsville was built mostly in the 1960’s, but many of the houses have been extensively renovated since then, including reworking the plumbing and electrical systems that would be considered out-of-date by this point. 

Fairfax Estates

Fairfax Estates was built up in 1964 and 1965, with most of the houses in the neighborhood having been built by Capozzi Custom Built Homes.  According to DaveYearke.net, it was named after Thomas, the sixth lord Fairfax of Cameron.

Mr. Yearke’s website also points out that the streets in the development are named after names related to Thomas, Generals of World War II and American military bases.

Cayuga Heights

This small section of Williamsville is located immediately to the east of the Royal Circle neighborhood, and sits just north of the I-90, and to the south of Main Street.  Cayuga Heights has extremely easy access to Thruway, and homes there are at more affordable price point than those in the village.  Expect to pay somewhere in the $100k range for a nice home in Cayuga Heights.


Royal Circle

“The Circle” is directly adjacent to Cayuga Heights.  If you were to look at a map of Williamsville, you would see that Royal Circle is formed in a pocket between the I-290, I-90 and S. Union Rd.  It looks something like a circle, so the name makes sense.  

You’ll find that houses here are even more affordable than those in Cayuga Heights, so much so that many real estate investors choose to rent out houses in this area.

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